PLEASE NOTE: I am currently working on updating my portfolio with newer samples, please contact me and I will be happy to provide.

Below is a sampling of my product design work.

At Bitcasa I have designed, re-designed and managed a design team on improving UX, conversions and overall customer satisfaction on the iOS, Android, Surface, Mac and Windows platforms in addtion to the Web applications.





In my initial weeks of contract work at Bitcasa, I was tasked with launching a suite of eCommerce and paywall solutions in addition to onboarding.





(Undisclosed client) I had the unique privelege of working closely with the agile team product manager and development partners to prototype and completely re-imagine this Web based send product with a full cycle of user testing. Features of this project included asynchronous upload and fully supported Web browser drag and drop.





In my earlier days of product design (see the reflection?) I completely reskinned Rainmaker's LMS (Learning Management System) ViewCentral which receive positive feedback contributing to customer satisfaction in look, feel and use of the product.